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Cam Gavinski is a Thai-American comedian, actor, screenwriter, director, musician, animator, and artist.

Cam's second solo comedy musical show BONHEUR debuted at Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year to rave reviews.

Cam performs at Upright Citizens Brigade on their House Character Team and writes sketches for Maude Night, as well as doing improv on Pinot Noir.

Cam has written, directed, and starred in multiple viral videos that have amassed over 20 Million Views and he has over 120k+ Followers across social media platforms.

Cam has appeared on Euphoria (HBO) and Boo Bitch (Netflix).

Cam has animated shorts for Comedy Central, The Jim Jefferies Show, and his animated short film Frank made the Student BAFTA shortlist.


"Cam is as funny as you can get! So smart and original."

- Gary Gulman

"You can learn how to be funny-ish, but some people have funny in their bones that can’t be learned—That’s Cam Gavinski."

- Todd Glass

"So delightfully weird and chaotic... Brilliant and truly one of a kind!"

- Hannah Pilkes

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